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Child Welfare

Center on Law and Social Policy, – Helps in areas of welfare reform, job training, child care and early education systems.

Child Welfare League of America, – An association of more than 900 public and private non-profit agencies that assist more than 3.5 million abused and neglected children and their families each year with a range of services.

Children’s Defense Fund, – Ensures every child a healthy, fair and safe start in life and successful passage to adulthood.

Connect for Kids, – Makes the best use of technology to give adults, parents, guardians, etc. the tools and information they need to improve the lives of children, youth and families.

Every Child Matters, – A national non-profit organization devoted to improving the lives of children and families by advocating for better public policy during federal and state campaigns.

National Center for Children in Poverty, – Identifies and promotes strategies that prevent child poverty in the U.S. and that improves the lives of low-income children and families.

National Human Services Assembly, – A coalition of leading national non-profit agencies committed to helping individuals, families and communities thrive.

National Women’s Law Center, – Protects and advances the progress of women and girls at work, in school and every aspect of their lives.

The Center for Women Policy Studies, – Promotes justice and equality for women.


Gifted Children, – This website has articles, essays and Q & A threads for parents, teachers and professionals who deal with gifted children

The Coalition for Community Schools, – Reminds policy-makers not to forget the vital role that families and communities play in ensuring quality education and strong learning opportunities for students throughout the day..

The Don’t Laugh at Me Project, – A gateway program designed to provide teachers, school counselors and other professional an entry point for character education programs and social and emotional learning as well as interfacing with other efforts of this kind.

Juvenile Justice

Building Blocks for Youth, – Includes information about advocates, researchers and law enforcement professional that seek to protect minority youth in the juvenile justice system.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, – Bipartisan, non-profit anti-crime organization led by more than 2,500 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, victims of violence and leaders of police officer associations.

Gangs or Us, – Provides information about gang interventions and gang prevention and strategies for working with gangs or at-risk of gang involvement.

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, – Provides parents, teenagers, health care providers, law enforcement officials and others a point of access to information on youth violence and suicide, including effective prevention and intervention strategies.

Partners Against Hate, – A joint initiative of the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Department of Education’s Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program. It defines hate crimes, describes the principal Federal and State hate crime laws, and examines a number of cases.


The Mentoring Center, – To improve the quality and effectiveness of mentoring programs and provide a direct service mentoring program model designed to transform the lives of the most highly at-risk youth.

Youth Development

ACT for Youth, – Assets Coming Together for Youth, aims to strengthen community partnerships that promote positive youth development and prevent risky and unhealthy behaviors among young people, ages 10-19 years..

Forum for Youth Investment, – Dedicated to helping communities and the nation make sure all young people are ready for college, work and life.

National Youth Development Information Center, – Offers in depth

information regarding youth development, research, funding and career development and policy issues. If interested in networking with organizations in your community search their youth mobilizations and coalitions database.

Save the Children, – Published the Web of Support Guidebook to share lessons learned working with grassroots organizations to implement quality out-of-school time programs.

Youth Empowerment

Action Without Borders, – A global coalition of individuals and organizations “working to build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives.” This site provides information about thousands of nonprofit organizations around the world.

Collaborative Communities, – Serves as a resource for civic leaders who are willing to build a more collaborative, inclusive and effective culture in their community.

Community Service,– Enables you to find short-term community service projects that meet real needs all over the world.

Corporation for National and Community Service, – provides seed money to help new and start-up organizations proposing new projects or programs, plan and implement new service programs that have the potential of becoming national in scope.

Exploring Careers, – An outstanding site for youth and adults who are supporting young people in their search for occupational information, self-knowledge, career planning, job seeking and work place skills, college and alternative education options.

International Youth Foundation, – This website was developed by IYF to inspire young people worldwide regarding leadership. Their aim is to provide young people some virtual space to share lessons, stories, information and advice regarding effective leadership for positive change.

Kids and Politics, – A Connect for Kids special project, tracks issues that matter most for kids and families. Links to resources for taking action, nationally and in your state.

National Youth Employment Coalition, – Non-partisan network improving the effectiveness of organizations that seek to help youth become productive citizens. It also has a guide to successful youth development programs.

Teen Voices, – An online version of the printed magazine that is “about girls being themselves and realizing their potential.”

Youth Policy Action, – Designed for youth advocates’ action alerts from around the country. “Our goal is to aid the youth movement by supporting organizations and individuals to promote youth involvement and empowerment.

Youth Rules,– Provides practical information about youth employment laws. It includes detailed easy-to-read information on jobs and hours teens may work, etc.

YouthNOISE, – An initiative of the Save the Children Federation that celebrates “the racket a bunch of young people can generate to make their voices heard.” It provides colorful graphics, which intertwines celebrity news and children’s issues with information on how youths can participate in community solutions.


Bipolar Foundation, – Provides information on early onset bipolar disorders.

Youth Assistance Organization, – It is run by volunteers and was created with the goal of helping youth identify their sexuality, as well as express their concerns and feelings.